Rōmaji Kasumi
Translation Haze
Release 23.04.2003
Length 13:56
Cat.-No. SFCD-0017

  1. かすみ
  2. 腐海
  3. umbrella [LIVE]
    Live take at YOKOHAMA ARENA January 11, 2003
  4. 列島激震行脚 Final 2003 5 Ugly Kingdom (Trailer)


  • The lyrics in this booklet completely lack Hiragana and Katakana. To complete them, the first layer of the obi (with the lyrics to Я TO THE CORE) can be scratched off, revealing the complete lyrics.
  • In this single's booklet, Kyo's credit details are given as BØX: I LOVE レゲエ パピオン (BØX: I LOVE Regee Papion), which means "BØX: I LOVE Reggae Papillon". This was the last time they used unclear or weird credits.
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