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刹那 is one of Dir En Grey's earliest songs. It was never released in any form and only played live in 1997. Along with 藍紫色, 刹那 is one of the most famous indies songs by Dir En Grey.

The first confirmed performance of the song was on May 31, 1997. Sometime between August and October 1997, the song was drastically changed and renamed into UnknownDespaira Lost at the beginning of 1998. It's the only known Dir En Grey song that was renamed after already having an official title (as opposed to working titles like the ones on UROBOROS (2008)).

You can listen to the May 31, 1997, performance of the song here.


  • In FOOL'S MATE #198 (April 1998), Kaoru is asked about 新曲6 (Shinkyoku 6) ("New Song 6"). He explains that he felt the need to change the song title because the song became too different. Although unconfirmed, it's likely that he refers to 刹那's change to UnknownDespaira Lost, considering the evolution of the song (by late October 1997, its melody already resembled UnknownDespaira Lost, but it was still called 刹那) and the date of the interview.
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