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焼き付くような心が 鈴の音を感じてる
鳴らない電話を 見つめていたかった

街角を曲がるとすぐ 2人でよく見た映画を
真夏の色と共に 想い出すよ あの頃を

真夏の太陽 想いを重ねた季節
風に流された 君には2度と届かず

泣き出した君を見て 当たり前の事の様に
唯君を見つめ 何も出来なくて

知らない香りがする それは奴の為なのかい?
僕には気付かれない様にしてた君は もう

5年の月日が過ぎ ヤツと君は幸せかい?
寺町で偶然逢い 何故か心が痛くて

真夏の太陽 想いを重ねた季節
風に流された 君には2度と届かず

冷たい太陽 新しい色に変えて
傷跡を隠さず 新しい季節に染め

傷付けられて 傷付けあって 人は傷を隠すけど
自分自身を超えてみせるよ 傷は綺麗な花になる
大切なものは「    」 想い出は

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Yakitsuku yō na kokoro ga Suzu no ne o kanjiteru
Naranai denwa o Mitsumete itakatta

Machikado o magaru to sugu Futari de yoku mita eiga o
Manatsu no iro to tomo ni Omoidasu yo Ano koro o

Manatsu no taiyō Omoi o kasaneta kisetsu
Kaze ni nagasareta Kimi ni wa nido to todokazu

Nakidashita kimi o mite Atarimae no koto no yō ni
Tada kimi o mitsume Nani mo dekinakute

Shiranai kaori ga suru Sore wa yatsu no tame na no kai?
Boku ni wa kizukarenai yō ni shiteta kimi wa Mō

Gonen no tsukihi ga sugi Yatsu to kimi wa shiawase kai?
Teramachi de gūzen ai Naze ka kokoro ga itakute

Manatsu no taiyō Omoi o kasaneta kisetsu
Kaze ni nagasareta Kimi ni wa nido to todokazu

Tsumetai taiyō Atarashii iro ni kaete
Kizuato o kakusazu Atarashii kisetsu ni some

Kizutsukerarete kizutsuke atte Hito wa kizu o kakusu kedo
Jibunjishin o koete miseru yo Kizu wa kirei na hana ni naru
Taisetsu na mono wa "    " Omoide wa

There is no official translation available for the lyrics of this song.
⇵ Fan-Translation ⇅

My heart was like it burst into flame, feeling the ring of the bell.
I wanted to stay watching that phone which never rang.

When I turn the street corner, all of a sudden I remember
the shades of midsummer, the movie we often watched together and those days.

The midsummer sun, the season that coincides with my memories
taken away by the wind, never to reach you again.

I look at you crying, just watching you as if its second nature,
unable to do anything.

You're wearing a scent I don't recognize, is that for his sake?
You pretend not to notice me there,

already five years have come and gone, are you happy with him?
running into each other in Teramachi, for some reason my heart aches…

The midsummer sun, the season that coincides with my memory
taken away by the wind, never again to reach you.

the cold sun, changes to a new color
I can't hide my scars, colored in a new season.

hurting, hurting each other, people hide their wounds but
I'll try to get over mine, so they become a pretty flower
the important things are "_____", my memories…




  • In the MACABRE band score's lyrics, the 「」 at the end are omitted. However, they're included in the sheet lyrics along with ラナ ラナ (Rana Rana), which Kyo actually sings at that point.
    • The sheet lyrics also mistakenly say 人は傷を隠すけれど (Hito wa kizu o kakusu keredo) instead of 人は傷を隠すけど (Hito wa kizu o kakusu kedo).
  • In the 太陽の碧 booklet, ellipses () were put at the end of lines four, ten, twelve and 20. They were omitted in the MACABRE booklet.


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