Rōmaji Kodoku ni Shisu, Yue ni Kodoku.
Translation I Die in Loneliness, Therefore I Am Lonely.
Appears on Withering to death. (2005)
Length 3:25
Lyrics by
Composed by Dir En Grey
⇵ Japanese ⇅

押さえつけられ生きてきました 「忘れたい」よりも消えたいから

目の前の君達は笑いながら生きている 明日は良い事あるからって言うけど


違うと願うのは後ろ向きの 唯一の救いであり

ash to ash

傘を差した 廃棄物さ 夢をちょうだい
傘で隠し なれた俺に 君もちょうだい

⇵ Rōmaji ⇅

Osaetsukerare ikite kimashita "wasuretai" yori mo kietai kara
Wakatta furi no kimi-tachi o mite waraikaesu

Me no mae no kimi-tachi wa warai nagara ikite iru ashita wa ii koto aru karatte iu kedo
Karugarushiku kotaeru kimi-tachi to wa hajime kara doko ka koko ga chigau

Kizutsuku koto ga itsu no ma ni yara atarimae no koto no yō ni hora
Mata kizutsuketa kimi-tachi o mite waraikaesu

Chigau to negau no wa ushiromuki no yuiitsu no sukui de ari…

ash to ash

Kasa o sashita haikibutsu sa yume o chōdai
Kasa de kakushi nareta ore ni kimi mo chōdai
Kikoete iru kai?

⇵ Official Translation ⇅

I have lived in restrict I want to disappear more than to forget
I laugh back at people like you, who act like you understand

You people just live on laughing, saying something good will happen tomorrow
There was always something different about you and me and
the way you talk from the beginning

It's not unusual anymore to get hurt by you
So again when you hurt me, I just laugh back at you

Just wishing it wasn't real is my only negative way to escape…

ash to ash
I am just garbage with an umbrella So give me my dream
I am used to hiding underneath the umbrella So I want you for me
Can you hear me?



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