廃人黒薔薇族 (Haijin Kurobarazoku) ("Cripple Black Rose Tribe") was a session cover band formed in October 1995 by Kisaki and 京 (Kyo), intending to play music they couldn't play in Stella Maria and Masquerade, respectively. They were joined by #4 and seine on guitar and Atsushi on drums. However, after their first show on November 3, 1995, Atsushi was replaced by Shinya (ex-Ruby). With their new drummer, Haijin Kurobarazoku played five more shows, covering bands like 黒夢, and disbanded in February 1996.

Member History

  • Vocals – 京 (Kyo)
  • Guitar – #4
  • Guitar – Seine
  • Bass – Kisaki
  • Drums – Shinya
  • ex-Drums – Atsushi

Live History

Date Venue Notes
03.11.1995 難波ROCKETS A video recording of this show was sold in limited quantities.
21.11.1995 心斎橋BAHAMA First live with Shinya. Advertised as ST??LA MA??A.
03.12.1995 大阪城天
23.12.1995 寝屋川VINTAGE BAR Christmas event with Chibi LAZY and Fictive Eye's.
30.01.1996 大阪amHALL
 ??.02.1996 Unknown Last live.


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