Rōmaji Wake
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Appears on MACABRE (2000)
Length 5:12
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Composed by Die

These are the lyrics of the 2000 version of this song. You can find the lyrics of the 2018 version here.

⇵ Japanese ⇅

8月5日土曜日 空に雲は無く
ビルの最上階から 気付けば別れを告げて
8月3日木曜日 僕の心に傷が
6度目の傷 ズタズタになり全て壊れてしまえ 全て

出会って初めて気付いた 自分の愚かさを
人を信じられないまま 人を傷付けていると
何故また僕は君の事を 懲りずに愛するの
こうして僕は愛する事を 忘れられない様だ
信じる事が辛く 気付かれない様に
独りで泣いていた 君に分からぬ様

これ以上 これ以上は 傷付きたくない

忘れようとした時もあるけど 今は抱き締めたい

信じる事が辛く 君の過去を知った
忘れられないのは 君の方なのに

これ以上 これ以上は 傷付きたくない
でも君だけを 力強く抱きしめられない

8月5日 晴れた雲の無い空の中で
もう最後だね 地面に広がる自分を見つめ


⇵ Rōmaji ⇅

Hachigatsu itsuka doyōbi Sora ni kumo wa naku
Biru no saijōkai kara Kizukeba wakare o tsugete
Hachigatsu mikka mokuyōbi Boku no kokoro ni kizu ga
Roku do me no kizu Zutazuta ni nari subete kowarete shimae Subete

Deatte hajimete kizuita Jibun no orokasa o
Hito o shinjirarenai mama Hito o kizutsukete iru to
Naze mata boku wa kimi no koto o Korizu ni ai suru no
Kōshite boku wa ai suru koto o Wasurerarenai yō da
Shinjiru koto ga tsuraku Kizukarenai yō ni
Hitori de naite ita Kimi ni wakaranu yō

Kore ijō Kore ijō wa Kizutsukitakunai
Demo ima dake wa kimi dake o ai shite itakatta

Wasure yō to shita toki mo aru kedo Ima wa dakishimetai

Shinjiru koto ga tsuraku Kimi no kako o shitta
Wasurerarenai no wa Kimi no hō na no ni

Kore ijō Kore ijō wa Kizutsukitakunai
Demo kimi dake o Chikara tsuyoku dakishimerarenai

Hachigatsu itsuka Hareta kumo no nai sora no naka de
Mō saigo da ne Jimen ni hirogaru jibun o mitsume

"Kimi o daite""Kimi o mitsume""Kimi o aishi""Kimi o omou"

⇵ Fan-Translation ⇅
There is no official translation for the lyrics of this song. The translation below was made by fans.

August 5th Saturday, Not a cloud in the sky
From the top floor of the building,
when I came to, I was bidding farewell
August 3rd Thursday, The wounds to my heart, the sixth wound,
I'm torn to shreds, I'll be completely destroyed, everything.

When we met I first noticed how foolish I was
and how i hurt others by never having faith in them
Why do I love you tirelessly again
it seems I can't forget loving you this way.
Believing is painful, I was crying by myself
without being noticed by you, as if you didn't know…

I don't wanna hurt anymore than this
but right now, I wanted to love only you.

There were times I tried to forget you,
but now I want to hold you.

believing is painful, I knew your past,
even though you were the one who couldn't forget.

I don't wanna be hurt more than this
but its only you, I can't hold tightly.

August 5th, in the clear and cloudless sky,
this is it, as I watch myself spread over the ground.

"I hold you" "I watch you" "I love you" "I think of you"




  • The kanji 理由 are usually read as "riyū", the kanji for "wake" would be 訳. Both mean "reason".


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