⇵ Japanese ⇅

蝉が鳴く真夏の季節です 襖の向こうから
帯を緩めた浴衣姿で 女は破水して
髪は乱れて顔は見えなく ニヤリと口笑う
女の唇紅く塗れば 二度目も出来るかな?

蝶が死ぬ真冬の季節です 一面雪景色
井戸の中から這い上がる君 女は高笑い

心眼妄想 Victimization
卵管暴走 Victimization
排卵反応 Victimization
花魁干渉 Victimization
断腸切断 Victimization
談笑中絶 Victimization

性欲願望咲かせましょう 女の死体を咲かせましょう
妊娠願望咲かせましょう 来年の春を咲かせましょう
己の欲望咲かせましょう 京の都に咲かせましょう

⇵ Rōmaji ⇅

Semi ga naku manatsu no kisetsu desu Fusuma no mukō kara
Obi o yurumeta yukata sugata de Onna wa hasui shite
Kami wa midarete kao wa mienaku Niyari to kuchi warau
Onna no kuchibiru akaku nureba Nidome mo dekiru ka na?

Chō ga shinu mafuyu no kisetsu desu Ichimen yukigeshiki
Ido no naka kara haiagaru kimi Onna wa takawarai

Shingan mōsō Victimization
Rankan bōsō Victimization
Hairan hannō Victimization
Oiran kanshō Victimization
Danchō setsudan Victimization
Danshō chūzetsu Victimization

Seiyoku ganbō sakasemashō Onna no shitai o sakasemashō
Ninshin ganbō sakasemashō Rainen no haru o sakasemashō
Onore no yokubō sakasemashō Kyō no miyako ni sakasemashō

⇵ Official Translation ⇅

It is summertime you can hear the bugs from over there
You can see a girl in a Yukata as her water breaks
Her hair is in a mess you can not see her face
Do you think its possible to see it again if she puts on her red lipstick?

It is wintertime the season when moths die all white everywhere
You come crawling out from the well and the girl cries out in laughter

Shinganmousou Victimization
Rankanbousou Victimization
Hairanhannou Victimization
Oirankansyou Victimization
Danchousetsudan Victimization
Dansyouchuuzetsu Victimization

Let your sexual desires bloom. Let the girls dead body bloom
Let your pregnancy desires bloom. Let the coming spring bloom
Let your desires bloom. Let us bloom in Kyoto.



  • In the official translation, the first word in each of the refrain's lines ("Shingan mōsō", "Rankan bōsō", "Hairan hannō", "Oiran kanshō", "Danchō setsudan" and "Danshō chūzetsu") is left untranslated. They mean "Mind's Eye Delusion", "Falopian Tubes Rampage", "Ovulation Reaction", "Courtesan Interference", "Heartbreak Amputation" and "Friendly Chat Abortion", respectively.


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鬼眼-kigan- [LIVE] Child prey (2002)
鬼眼 The Insulated World (2018)


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