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|previous= MACABRE (2000)
|next= VULGAR (2003)
|title= 鬼葬
|cover= Kisou.jpg
|romaji= Kisō
|translation= Demon Burial
|date= 30.01.2002
|length= 69:57
|cat= SFCD-0012
:壱 [[鬼眼-kigan-]]
:弐 [[ZOMBOID]]
:参 [[24個シリンダー]]
:四 [[FILTH]]
:五 [[Bottom of the death valley]]
:六 [[Embryo (2002)|embryo]]
:七 [[「深葬」]]
:八 [[逆上堪能ケロイドミルク]]
:九 [[The Domestic Fucker Family]]
:拾 [[undecided]]
:壱拾壱 [[蟲-mushi-]]
:壱拾弐 [[「芯葬」]]
:壱拾参 [[JESSICA]]
:壱拾四 [[鴉-karasu-]]
:壱拾五 [[ピンクキラー]]
:壱拾六 [[「神葬」]]
== Trivia ==
* Instead of Arabic digits, the band uses so-called "daiji" to number the tracks of this album.
== Versions ==
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File:Kisou2.jpg|Limited Version

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