These are the lyrics of the 2002 version of this song. You can find the lyrics of the 2013 version here.

⇵ Japanese ⇅

今宵は春雨 涙と感動のドラマかな?
朝日が照らすと無感の一日が 胚胎

数字が読めないリンダと腐乱して 胎毒

豚小屋徘出マダムと乾涸びて 爛漫

Death Education

Sarcasm One Sideed And Rush End Core



⇵ Rōmaji ⇅

Koyoi wa harusame Namida to kandō no dorama ka na?
Asahi ga terasu to mukan no ichinichi ga Haitai

Uchiage hanabi wa kirei na imōto no kari no mama
Sūji ga yomenai rinda to furanshite Taidoku

Nukegara kaishū wasureta mama no ki gurumi no naka
Butagoya haishutsu madamu to hikarabite Ranman

Death Education

Sarcasm One Sideed And Rush End Core

Boku ni wa are kore sore ga tarizu umareru mae kara tainai no gomi de
Youchien no koro ni wa fusuma o akete oya no seikōi o kanshō
Ima de wa ane o okashita tsumi de koko roku dokubō no ikiru gomi de
Mainichi maiban ima demo kakasazu zecchō ni nobori itte orimasu!

"Kari no mamā madamu""Anee rinda"

⇵ Official Translation ⇅

Tonite it is showering. Is it the start of a epic drama?
When the ray of light shines, it begins a new day of numbers, Haitai

Like a firework that is beautiful like my sister that is my substitute mother
Argue with Linda who can not read numbers, Taidoku

Inside a stuffed animal of mother's that was forgotten to be wasted
In a pig house with a madam, Ranman

Death Education

Sarcasm One Sideed And Rush End Core

I was never complete, never was even before I was born in the fetus, I was junk
When I was young I peeked and watched my parents have sex
Now for raping my sister I am in a cell like junk
And everyday and every night I climax to the max!



  • The word 廃棄物 is usually read as "haikibutsu". Both "gomi" and "haikibutsu" mean "trash" or "garbage".
  • The last line of the lyrics is not sung and not included in the official translation.
  • In the official translation, the last word of each of the first three verses ("haitai", "taidoku" and "ranman") is left untranslated. They mean "germination", "congenital eczema" and "glorious", respectively.


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