dead tree
Appears on Withering to death. (2005)
Length 4:50
Lyrics by
Composed by Dir En Grey
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情熱の紅 愛して止まない君はもう

No one wants the present

指を差して さよなら 額に向けられた冷たい銃口に愛を

何故?何故? 繰り返される 二度と癒えない
何故?何故? 繰り返される 枯れた心に

Lover, tenderndess, freedom and peace

⇵ Rōmaji ⇅

Kareki ni mizu o…deisui ni utsuru kimi wa mō…
Yume yo kibō yo oozora ni egaita risō

Jōnetsu no beni Aishite yamanai kimi wa mō…
Ame yori amai risō wa tada no risō

No one wants the present

Yubi o sashite Sayonara Gaku ni mukerareta tsumetai jūkō ni ai o
Kurenai kōto no kono ko mo oshitsukerareta ima o dakikakae namida o nomikomu

Naze? Naze? Kurikaesareru Nido to ienai
Naze? Naze? Kurikaesareru Kareta kokoro ni…

Love, tenderness, freedom and peace

⇵ Official Translation ⇅

Here is some water for the dead tree…
I see your reflections in the dirty water…
Dreams and aspirations

Your ideals in the big sky
Passionate red
The one I loved so much…

Ideals being sweeter then candy are just ideals
No one wants the present

Point your finger

I feel love on my for head at gunpoint
Even the child with the red coat swallows hers tears as she faces reality

Why? Why? Over and Over
It will never heal
Why? Why? Over and Over
My dead heart…

Love, tenderness, freedom and peace



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