Welcome to the Dir En Grey wiki.

This website was born out of my desire to have an accurate source of Dir En Grey lyrics and their translations. Over time, it grew to include information on the band's early days, from their formation in 1997 to their major debut in 1999. So if you're interested in that era, feel free to snoop around.

You can find further information on the band, their members and other projects on these websites:

  • My YouTube channel with exclusive and rare video material.
  • Dir En Grey's entry in the visual-kei database
  • Dir En Grey's Discogs entry.
  • Dir En Grey's profile.
  • Dir En Grey's profile.
  • Dir En Grey's subreddit for news and discussions about the band.

In case of any inquiries, feel free to contact me on twitter @seelentau.

Upcoming Releases
落ちた事のある空 (Ochita Koto no Aru Sora) 2020 Pia Arena MM Special Package Version
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