Release 28.07.1999
31.10.2001 (Re-Release)
Length 01:04:55
Cat.-No. 00000~00100 (LP Ver.)
FWR-030 (Re-Release)

eins _ GAUZE -mode of adam-
zwei _ Schweinの椅子
drei _ ゆらめき
vier _ raison detre
fünf _ 304号室、白死の桜
sechs _ Cage
sieben _ TsumiToBatsu
acht _ mazohyst of decadence
neun _ 予感
zehn _ MASK
elf _ 残-ZAN-
zwölf _ アクロの丘
dreizehn _ GAUZE -mode of eve-


  • The title of this album is depicted as "GAUZE+" on the front cover, but it's not considered to be the actual title.
  • According to Die, the word "Gauze" was first considered as an album title in a studio in Los Angeles, 1999.
  • The booklet contains additional poems that can be read here.
  • Instead of Arabic digits, the band uses German words to number the tracks of this album.
  • The LP version was given out in a lottery to 100 people who sent in the entrance tickets included in the first press versions of the Cage and 予感 singles, attached to a postcard included in the first press version of GAUZE. 300 other people received a coin, 1000 other people received a set of three pictures from the jacket cover.
    • As of April 13, 2019, I have discovered the numbers 10, 13, 22, 30, 32, one between 45 and 50, 61, 84 and 92, as well as four versions with unseen numbers.



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