INSANITY is one of the few songs that are mistakenly attributed to Dir En Grey, despite being from another band.

In this case, the song was created by Vasalla, a Japanese rock band that existed even earlier than Dir En Grey. At one concert during Dir En Grey's early days, they covered this song. More specifically, this happened on September 15, 1997, on the last date of the Dir en grey presents MAZOHYST OF DECADENCE SHOW tour at Meguro Rockmaykan.[1] At the same concert, they also covered 親愛なるDEATHMASK by 黒夢 (Kuroyume) and X by X Japan, both with Vasalla.[2] There exists a live recording of Dir En Grey's INSANITY cover, but it's only available to tereko traders. However, you can listen to the original version by Vasalla here.

Dir En Grey would later provide background vocals for Vasalla's 月神~Artemis~.

⇵ Japanese ⇅

じりじりとにじみ寄る屈折 妄想 逃げられない
身動きもとれずに焦り はむかえば鋭い痛み
鼻を突く腐臭は熱くて 耳鳴りは頭を溶かす

ふりそそぐ痛みの中で 微笑めば楽になれる
ふっ切れた体は軽く 流れ出た凝血まとい
痛みさえ快感に変わり 溢れ出る欲望満たせ

狂え 叫べ おもうがままに

笑い 殺せ 虫けらのように

歪む時の狭間の中で 萎えた体 血を求めている

⇵ Rōmaji ⇅

Jirijiri to nijimi yoru kussetsu Mōsō Nigerarenai
Miugoki mo torezu ni aseri Hamukaeba surudoi itami
Hana o tsuku fushū wa atsukute Miminari wa atama o tokasu

Furisosogu itami no naka de Hohoemeba raku ni nareru
Fukkireta karada wa karuku Nagaredeta gyōketsu matoi
Itami sae kaikan ni kawari Afurederu yokubō mitase

Kurue Sakebe Omou ga mama ni

Warai Korose Mushikera no yō ni

Yugamu toki no hazama no naka de Naeta karada Chi o motomete iru

There is no official translation available for the lyrics of this song.
⇵ Fan-Translation ⇅

The distortion slowly blurs, drawing near Delusion Can't run from it
Being unable to move I become impatient
When it bites back there's a sharp pain
The pungent rotten smell is hot The ringing in my ears melts my head

Inside the pain that pours down on me I can be more at ease when I smile
My cut up body is light Clad in blood clots that came leaking out
Even the pain changes into pleasure Satisfy the overflowing desire

Go mad Scream To your heart's content

Laugh Kill Like a worm

Inside the warping intervals of time My weakened body Wants blood





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