These are the lyrics of the 2000 version of this song. You can find the lyrics of the 2013 version here.

⇵ Japanese ⇅

羽を広げて飛びたい 君は揚羽の夢見る

蛹から羽を広げ 今にも飛び立ちそうで

相咲き乱れ エスカルゴとフォアグラの君に

愛しい蛹の君が 薄汚れた羽見せて

バラリグラリ薔薇バラの君 羽はもげて

廻り 廻る 廻った
答え繰り返して 繰り返されてゆく命を

君は溶け爛れて一つになり 混ざり合おうか

きっと人魚の様に 胃液のプール泳ぐ きっと揚羽の様に蛹は羽はやす

貴方なら許せるわね 残酷な生き物でも
足を地面に忘れたわ 残さないでね

⇵ Rōmaji ⇅

Hane o hirogete tobitai Kimi wa ageha no yume miru
Hebigawa niai sō da ne…haku mu
Garagara no ame ni utare miugoki ga dekinakute ne
Esa ni naru no o matsu dake sa…kuchi ga hiraku

Sanagi kara hane o hiroge Ima ni mo tobitachi sō de
Kawaisa amatta kimi wa mō…otona ne
Hana ni koi o shita kimi wa mitsu o susuri susutte wa
Boku ni kizukazu sono mama de…kiba muku

Ai sakimidare Esukarugo to foa gura no kimi ni

Itoshii sanagi no kimi ga Usuyogoreta hane misete
Boku o furifuri futta ne…i no naka

Barari gurari bara bara no kimi Hane wa mogete
Hebi no kawa ga niau yō na?

Mawari Mawaru Mawatta
Kotae kurikaeshite Kurikaesarete yuku inochi o

Magari magaru magatta
Kimi wa toke tadarete hitotsu ni nari Mazari aō ka

Kitto ningyo no yō ni Ieki no pūru oyogu Kitto ageha no yō ni sanagi wa hane hayasu

Anata nara yuruseru wa ne Zankoku na ikimono demo
Ashi o jimen ni wasureta wa Nokosanai de ne

There is no official translation available for the lyrics of this song.
⇵ Fan-Translation ⇅

You want to spread your wings and fly,
dreaming of the swallowtail butterfly.
you would seem to suit your shed skin……daydream
hit by the pounding rain, you couldn't move anymore
you're just waiting to become mouth opens.

you're almost ready to take flight, so close to sprouting wings.
still my adorable pupa, you are now… an adult aren't you?

sucking the honey, you who loved the flowers
don't notice me as my beak comes at
you blooming all over with fogura and escargot.

dear pupa, show me tainted wings.
I felt them flitting… from my stomach.

castdown, suddenly shaken, you're broken apart,
your wings tear off
Does a snakeskin suit you now?

spinning you spin and spun,
through a life of the same old same old.

turning you turn and turned as you melt away, .
Shall we blend together into one?

surely you're swimming the digestive juices like a mermaid,
surely a pupa will sprout wings like a swallowtail butterfly.

IF its you I'll allow it,
even if you are a cruel thing.
You forgot my legs on the ground
Don't leave them like that Ok?



  • This is Dir En Grey's longest song to date.


  • The Japanese part in this track's title would normally be read as "Ageha no Hane no Yume wa Sanagi" and translated as "The Swallowtail's Wings' Dream is the Chrysalis". However, the title contains so-called ichiniten, a type of kaeriten that mark the reading order with numbers.


  • In the booklet of MACABRE, the various ellipses are displayed as white slits.
  • During the guitar solo before the last verse, Kyo is speaking words that were not included in any publication of the lyrics.


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MACABRE -揚羽ノ羽ノ夢ハ蛹- Tears of scorpion mix 改-KAI- (2001)


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